Cheyenne Soccer Club


Soccer is a GAME! Games are meant to be fun, that's why we play them! We will keep this sport exciting and challenging. We strive to design practices to keep the competitive spirit alive.

Training needs to be age appropriate! Age appropriate training will keep the players engaged, not bored. Proper player development hinges on this.

All players play All positions! This will create a more diverse and complete player. Players will learn all skills involved in the game (ie. center defenders have a completely different skill set than center forwards). Playing different positions will hopefully spark the creative flair that makes the game of soccer so special.

All players should get equal playing time! Players need confidence to perform at their best, this will help keep them in a positive frame of mind. Gametime is the time to showcase what they've learned in training, and learn new things that only actual games can teach them, give everyone the opportunity to succeed.

Keep parents involved! Communication is key. We will be up front with our goals and intentions. We will develop great players, not win at all costs. Remember! We are here to serve the needs of the kids, not our own!

Technical into Tactical training! "1000 touch rule" -if each player can get 1000 touches on the ball during training, then that is a success. (1000 is sometimes a lofty goal, but the more touches the better). You must have a foundation of skill to effectively work on tactics. Our players will be comfortable with the ball.

Be Prepared! Always have a plan. Never just "wing-it". We can't ask our players to come to practice ready to learn if we're not ready to teach!