U9/U10 Player Development Program

Cheyenne Soccer Club

Player Development Program (PDP) in Cheyenne, WY

The CSC Player Development Program represents the area of our Cheyenne, WY, club where the foundation of a player is developed. CSC teaches individual technical skills in this area of the program and gives players a true head start and advantage with the sport due to the focus and mastery of the skills developed. There are very few programs in the area that puts the emphasis as a total club on the development of the 9U-10U player.

A major component of the curriculum is that each player must come out of the Player Development Program mastering the "Base Curriculum" of Cheyenne Sting. The "Base Curriculum" includes juggling, skill move mastery, and "Found 5" technical skills. The games is composed of 7v7 including a goalkeeper with 25 minute halves.

These areas of technical training throughout the 9U-10U years prepares a player technically for the 11 v 11 game and sets players up to be successful individually as they progress in the game. As a member of the CSC Player Development Program we have one focus and that is to develop a player technically. We have built a model that will provide players the technical training to be able to succeed in the sport. We want players to begin playing the game with a style of play and to be able to be creative and confident on the field.

The foundation of the club is within the Player Development Program and we dedicate time, resources and top staff to prepare these players for the future. During the 9U-10U ages we foster individuals learning and exploring the game. If players are developed, results will naturally take care of themselves in the time frame needed and will come when results are a priority for the team and the club.

Tryouts/Assessments/Kick Around

This program is designed to be the next step into our competitive program. This said, please be aware that there will be a selection process on whether your player should be playing in this competitive environment or if their skills would be better developing in our recreational program. There will be a tryout/assessment session where your player will be evaluated by our coaching staff.


Our CSC Player Development Program will represent Cheyenne Soccer Club in the Ft. Collins Player Development League on Saturday afternoons during the Fall and Spring seasons. The Ft. Collins Player Development League has a 8 game season. We will be playing some games at North Cheyenne Community Park during the season, but there will also be travel to Ft. Collins, Laramie and Greeley for other games. Our Player Development Program teams will train at least two times during the week throughout the season. Our Player Development Program is now a "stand-alone" program and will no longer allow our PDP players to play in Cheyenne Soccer Club's Recreational league.

Please note that the PDP is a full year commitment. Teams will play a full Fall and Spring season, with the possibility of Winter (Indoor) tournaments, and Summer tournaments.


The coaches for the CSC Player Development Program will be chosen by the Director of Coaching and the Coaching and Player Development Committee. The Director of Coaching and other select coaches will also be working with this program. All PDP coaches are nationally licensed soccer coaches either through the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) or the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA).


IF player is accepted into the PDP Program

Registration Fee - $275
Uniform Package - $100-$125