Competitive Soccer

Cheyenne Soccer Club

Youth Competitive Soccer in Cheyenne, WY

The youth competitive soccer program is organized to provide a competitive soccer experience, promoting the highest standards of youth athletics including player and team development and adult leadership. The Cheyenne, WY club strives to cultivate a love for the game of soccer among players, coaches, parents and other interested members of the community.

Sting got its start in 1981, when it became apparent a competitive level of soccer was sought by players and parents in the local recreational program. Growth of a sport in a community doesn't just happen, but rather through dedicated and passionate people who devote their time and effort into developing a soccer club in Cheyenne, WY like the Cheyenne Soccer Club.

From its beginning, the Youth Competitive program has achieved a high level of success in player development. This is apparent when considering high schools in Cheyenne have combined to win 25 High School State Championships (boys and girls). Cheyenne has also sent over 150 teams to the Region IV Youth Soccer Championships.

Since it's inception, soccer has evolved and now the club offers 2 other categories of 'competitive soccer' along with the STING program. The club provides a Player Development Program, (PDP) for our youngest players who are turning 8 or 9, and for our high school age boys, with the Boys HS Select Program. Links to those specific programs are listed below.

STING U11-U15 Boys/Girls and U16-U19Girls LINK

U9-U10 Player Development Program LINK

Boys U15-U19 HS Select Program LINK